Friday, December 27, 2013


What is Roland Duncan's legacy? What will his legacy be twenty years from now as St Maarten's first Minister of Justice? His legacy will be gun crime, cockfighting and brothels. That's it! One would believe that it was 1910 NOT 2010! All this fool cared about in his brief tenure was that he could sit back leisurely, with his guns and prostitutes and watch a good cockfight. Sigmund Freud could have written a masterpiece in psychology about Roland Duncan. Cockfighting is a bloody, brutal sport that usually leaves one or both animals permanently blind or lame. We were raised with roosters in our yard, they would occassionally fight, but that is different to the poor animals that the attach spurs to. They attach sharp spurs to their legs to cause more devastating injury to the other animal. This form of animal brutality has to stop, it is certainly not a sport. These St Maarten like to appear 1st World in their suits and jackets, but they still have that 3rd World mentality. And as long as our leaders are Third World, so will our country.

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