Saturday, December 21, 2013

Animal abuse and mistreatment in St Maarten.

In the St Maarten culture, it's okay to treat a dog, like a dog, even when it's a pet. Dogs roam the streets in search of food. I remember going to a local restaurant, and there was a lost dog wandering around, and I tried to collect scraps to give it food. A Windward Island bank manager complained and had a tantrum, because the waitress had picked up his plate with scraps, put it in a bag and given it to me, to give the starving dog. He got on bad, when I tried to get his picture to post it, management apologized, and I let it go. Don't be surprised to see dead dogs, animals in the street. They're not just strays, they're pets who are NOT taken care of I believe that Karma will bring you back as the animal you abused, or subject you to the same treatment. I reached out to other Animal activists, but apparently there's a lotta talk, and nothing else.

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